Mouse Luminex Multiplex Assay Panel

The overall structure of the mouse immune system is comparable to that of humans and consists of both innate and adaptive components. Mouse models effectively contribute to our understanding of basic science and disease biology. For example, in cancer research, it is possible to validate cancer genes, discover tumor biomarkers, and evaluate investigational therapeutic approaches for discovery. As in humans, mouse immune cells are driven by a complex network of cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors that regulate tumor growth and suppression.

Quantification of cytokines, chemokines and growth factors is of great value in both clinical medicine and biology, providing insights into physiological and pathological processes and can be used to aid in diagnosis and therapy. Microsphere-based Luminex multiplex technology enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple cytokines, chemokines and other protein biomarkers in mouse serum, plasma and cell culture samples, greatly improving the efficiency of researchers and enabling high-throughput analysis of rare and valuable samples.

Creative Proteomics can provide the following mouse protein biomarker multiplex assays. Download the PDF to view detailed assay targets.

Service NameDetailSpeciesPrice
Luminex Mouse Cytokine PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Chemokine PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Th1/Th2 Cytokine PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse TH17 Cytokine PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse TGF-β PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Treg PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse T-Cell-Related Factor PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Tumor Biomarker PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Inflammatory Factor PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Diabetes Factor PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Cardiovascular Disease PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Metabolic PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Neurobiology PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Angiogenesis PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Adipokines/Obesity PanelPDF MouseInquiry
Luminex Mouse Kidney Biomarker PanelPDF MouseInquiry

Assay Type

Magnetic bead-based Luminex multiplex assay

Advantages of Mouse Luminex Multiplex Platform

  • High throughput and high speed: The analysis fluorescence speed can reach up to 5000~15000 pcs/s. It can perform real-time, qualitative and quantitative analysis of many different target molecules in the same sample at the same time in less than 3h.
  • High sensitivity: The detection range can reach 3~5 orders of magnitude, and the lowest detection concentration can reach 0.1 pg/mL.
  • High specificity and accuracy: homogeneous immunoassay is used without washing, which reduces the error of experimental results caused by washing during operation. Flow laser technology is used in the assay to detect each microsphere, preventing interference from heteroantigens (antibodies) in the specimen.
  • Small amount of specimens: The simultaneous detection of multiple indicators in the same reaction well significantly reduces the amount of specimens compared to other methods, making it suitable for the detection of rare specimens.

At Creative Proteomics, we understand that sometimes our clients' research needs require more specialized solutions. If you are unable to find the cytokine panel you need in our standard offerings, don't worry. We also provide Custom Mouse Cytokine Assay to meet your specific research requirements.

* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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