ERFG Pathway Luminex Multiplex Assay

ERFG signaling pathway

Based on Luminex technology platform, Creative Proteomics provides analysis services for key targets of ERFG signaling pathway.

EGFR(Epidermal growth factor receptor), or ErbB1/human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER)-1, is a transmembrane protein which is the receptor of the ligands from EGF family. EGFR is a 170-kDa glycoprotein with tyrosine kinase activity. It is composed of a single polypeptide of 1186 amino acid residues that is cleaved from a 1210-residue polypeptide precursor. It has its own modular structure: it contains an extracellular ligand-binding domain, a transmembrane region and a cytoplasmic tyrosine-kinase region that is flanked by noncatalytic regulatory regions. EGFR plays a crucial role in initiating the signaling that directs the behavior of epithelial cells and tumors of epithelial origin. Human EGF is a 53-aa polypeptide, whose molecular weight is 6KDa. EGF can stimulate the cell growth and differentiation by binding to its receptor, EGFR.

EGFR signaling pathway is one of the most important pathways in mammalian cells, which regulate a series of important events including proliferation, migration, differentiation, apoptosis, as well as those that regulate intercellular communication during development. Mutation in the certain component in this pathway will cause human cancer. So it has been considered as an ideal therapeutic target.

EGFR family members have been discovered to be involved in a wide range of human diseases from psoriasis, cancer, inflammation, heart diseases and Alzheimer's disease. Almost all the carcinomas express significant levels of EGFR. These receptors are related to the maintenance of the transformed state in these carncinomas. EGFR is remarkably over expressed in glioblastoma and as for a large number of these cancers, EGFR is truncated and consequentialy activated. Notably, at present, major clinical trials have been directed against blocking EGFR and erbB2 signaling in tumors.

ERFG signaling pathway

Our detectable targets:




Technology platform

We provide Luminex technology for ERFG signaling pathway analysis.

Luminex technology is a multifunctional liquid phase analysis platform developed on the basis of colored microspheres, laser technology, applied fluidics and high-speed digital signal processing technology. The core is to encode polypropylene microspheres or magnetic microspheres with fluorescent dyes. By adjusting the different ratios of the two fluorescent dyes, up to 100 microspheres with different fluorescence spectra can be obtained. Each kind of microspheres is covalently cross-linked. Capture antibodies against specific antigens.

The EGFR signaling pathway is one of the most important pathways in mammalian cells, and it plays an important role in cell proliferation, migration, differentiation, apoptosis, and development. It is widely used in medicine for various human diseases such as psoriasis, cancer, inflammation, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

In addition to Luminex Multiplex Assay, Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), Flow cytometry (FACS analysis) technology can also be provided to meet other customer needs.

Advantages of ERFG signaling pathway detection:

  • Versatility: VEGF signaling pathway technology can be applied to a variety of biological tests, including immune analysis, genotyping, gene expression, enzyme analysis, etc. It can detect both protein and nucleic acid. In addition to clinical use, it can also be used in scientific research, CDC, blood stations, agricultural, biological and pharmaceutical professional laboratories.
  • High-throughput and high-speed: Each microsphere is used as a separate test body, which can perform a large number of biological tests at the same time. It only needs 10~201 samples to test up to 100 indicators at a time, and the fastest can reach 10,000 tests /hour.

Advantages of ERFG signaling pathway detection

Application of our service:

  • To study the effect of each virus on ERFG signaling pathway
  • To study the regulation mechanism of ERFG signal pathway in disease
  • To study the effects of drugs or therapies on ERFG signaling pathways

Creative Proteomics has developed a signal pathway target detection platform. We are not limited to providing ERFG signal path detection services, but can also provide other signal path detection services. If you want to detect other targets, please contact us and we will customize the service for you. Look forward to working with you.


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