Disease Cytokine Assays


Disease Cytokine Assays

Cytokines, as molecules of signal transduction between cells, mainly mediate and regulate immune response and inflammatory response, stimulate hematopoietic cell production and repair tissue damage. Under normal circumstances, the expression and secretion of cytokines are strictly regulated by the body. Under pathological conditions, cytokines will be abnormally expressed. Therefore, the detection of cytokines is of great value for research on the mechanism, treatment or drug development of certain diseases. Compared with other types of infection and inflammatory disease testing methods, cytokine detection has the advantages of non-invasiveness and low cost, and has been used as an inflammatory marker for the diagnosis of many diseases.

Biomarkers are indicators that can judge the occurrence, development and prognosis of diseases. They play an important role in early diagnosis, disease prevention, drug target confirmation, and drug response research. Biomarker analysis can in-depth elucidate the mechanism of action or resistance mechanism of new drugs in disease models.

Creative Proteomics has multiple cytokine detection platforms such as has multiplex luminex, flow cytometry, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent technology. Each platform has its advantages. We will select the appropriate technology combination according to your project to meet your various needs and help researchers to obtain higher quality scientific research data.

Technology platform

We mainly provide the Luminex cytokine detection platform. Luminex uses fluorescently encoded microspheres with specific antibodies to different target molecules. The different microspheres can be combined freely to a certain extent so that up to 100 analytes can be tested multiple times simultaneously in a single experiment.

The Luminex cytokine assay platform has the following advantages:

  • Multiple detection: simultaneous detection of 100 biological targets
  • Short experiment time: 1-3 weeks
  • High sensitivity: the lower limit of accurate quantification is as low as 0.1 pg/mL
  • Save samples: only need a sample volume as low as 25 μL
  • Time saving: the experiment process only takes 4 hours

For your different needs, we can also provide the following detection methods:

  • Flow cytometry (FACS analysis): Highly sensitive fluorescent labeling and detection system. Flow cytometry can detect two or more cytokines in the same cell at the same time. It can also distinguish cytokine secreting cell subgroups based on cellular immune phenotype. No tissue culture is required, and whole blood analysis is possible. No need to separate PBMCs.
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA): Use the primary antibody for capture, and conjugate the secondary antibody with an enzyme or radioisotope for detection. Our multiplexing system can detect the expression of multiple cytokines at once.

Detectable multi-cytokine includes but not limited to the following types:

Cancer Cytokines Assay
Cytokine Storm Assays
Autoimmune Disease Cytokines Assay
Inflammation Cytokines Assay
Rheumatoid Arthritis Cytokines Assay
Atopic Dermatitis Cytokines Assay
Osteoporosis Cytokines Assay
Apoptosis Cytokines Assay
Diabetes Cytokines Assay
lmmunomodulatory Cytokines Assay
Hypertension Cytokines Assay
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Cytokines Assay
Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Assay


Sample preparation

  • Suitable for serum, plasma, saliva, cell culture supernatant and all kinds of body fluids.
  • Cells (whole blood cells, PBMC, mouse immune cells)
  • The body fluid samples are stored in a refrigerator at -80 degrees Celsius and transported on dry ice.

Service areas for cytokine and biomarker detection

  • Concentration detection of cytokines, inflammatory factors, chemokines, enzymes, etc.
  • Quantitative analysis of phosphorylated protein and apoptosis-related protein in cell signal transduction
  • Signal pathway research
  • Detection of cytokine changes in the occurrence and development of various diseases and drug development research

Creative Proteomics can provide you with a one-stop solution. If you want to consult other information, please contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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