Luminex Cytokine Detection Service

Introduction to luminex multiplex cytokine detection

Luminex multiplex detection is driven by xMAP technology, which can simultaneously detect and quantify more than 500 protein molecules, including cytokines, hormones, autoantibodies, tumor markers, etc. Creative Proteomics provides Luminex multiplex assay platform to help you accelerate the progress of the project, suitable for basic and clinical medical research.

Principle of Luminex multiplex assays

Luminex technology uses superparamagnetic 6.5 micron microspheres with a magnetic core and polystyrene surface. The inside of the beads is dyed with a precise ratio of red and infrared fluorophores. The different ratios of red and infrared fluorophores produce 100 unique spectral signature microspheres, which can be identified by the Luminex xMAP detection system. Highly specific capture monoclonal antibodies are coupled to different fluorescently labeled magnetic beads. The different types of magnetic beads are mixed and suspended in a 96-well microtiter plate. Subsequently, a biotin-labeled high-affinity paired secondary antibody was added to combine with SA-PE for signal amplification. The laser scanning fluorescence code is used to identify individual microspheres and measure the fluorescence intensity, so as to realize the effective detection of multiple trace cytokines. The standard curve is constructed by using the detection signal of the standard sample with gradient dilution to realize the simultaneous detection and accurate quantification of multiple factors in a large number of target samples.

Luminex Cytokine Detection Service

The fluorescent coded microspheres used by Luminex have specific antibodies for different target molecules, and different microspheres can be freely combined to a certain extent, so that multiple target molecules can be analyzed at the same time in one experiment. Simultaneous determination of multiple target molecules can greatly reduce the consumption of biological samples, save cost and measurement time, and make the analysis of correlations between multiple target molecules more accurate.

Luminex sensitivity: The sensitivity of Luminex detection is higher than that of ELISA technology under the conditions of using the same antibody pair. Generally, the detection sensitivity is at the pg level.

Cytokine Panel Service

Advantages of Luminex multiplex assay

  • Each antibody is set for 50 technical repetitions, and the experimental results are reliable.
  • The factors in each panel can be arbitrarily combined to customize the personalized chip.
  • 50μL of liquid and quality samples and 200μg of total protein were used to complete multi-index detection.
  • The experimental error between batches introduced by traditional methods can be effectively avoided.
  • The information of a single sample can be maximized and interactive analysis between different analytes can be performed.

Detectable multi-cytokine includes but not limited to the following types:

Cancer Cytokines Assay
Cytokine Storm Assays
Autoimmune Disease Cytokines Assay
Inflammation Cytokines Assay
Rheumatoid Arthritis Cytokines Assay
Atopic Dermatitis Cytokines Assay
Osteoporosis Cytokines Assay
Apoptosis Cytokines Assay
Diabetes Cytokines Assay
lmmunomodulatory Cytokines Assay
Hypertension Cytokines Assay
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Cytokines Assay
Cardiovascular Disease Biomarker Assay

Sample requirements

Detectable sample types: serum, plasma, cell supernatant, tissue supernatant, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, aqueous humor, tear fluid, vitreous body, saliva, uterine fluid, cervical scrape, joint fluid, gingival crevicular fluid, cells, tissues, exosomes, blood rubbings, etc.

Creative Proteomics can provide you with a one-stop solution to detect and quantify cytokines through Luminex multiplex array. The result we delivered to you will contain not only the raw data but also the graph and chart processed by our data processing department. If you want to test other cytokines or other information you want to consult, please contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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