ELISpot Assay Service

What is ELISpot Technology?

ELISpot technology is a type of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that detects individual cells secreting specific cytokines. The assay is performed by coating a microplate with a capture antibody against the cytokine of interest. After adding the cells of interest, cytokines secreted by these cells bind to the capture antibody. Detection of cytokines is then performed using a labeled detection antibody specific to the same cytokine. The labeled cytokines are detected by an enzymatic reaction that produces spots, which are counted and quantified. The number of spots detected directly correlates with the number of cytokine-secreting cells in the sample.

ELISpot assayELISpot assay

Creative Proteomics is a trusted provider of ELISpot assays with extensive experience in the field of immunology. Our ELISpot assay services are customized to meet specific research needs and to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of the analysis. We provide high quality data generation and analysis to ensure reliable results for your studies. Flexible sample types and throughput options make it easy to work with a variety of sample types and sizes. Our team of experts can provide consultation and support throughout the entire process, from assay development to data analysis.

Application of ELISpot Assay

  • Vaccine research and development: detection and evaluation of cell-mediated immune responses to vaccines. ELISPOT method is commonly used to monitor immune response in HIV vaccine research, and ELISPOT is used to evaluate T cell function in the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.
  • Prediction of rejection reactions in organ transplantation.
  • Analysis of stem cell function.
  • Screening of hybridomas.
  • Immunology basic research: analysis of T cells, B cells, and Th0/Th1/Th2 cell transformation.
  • Detection of transfection efficiency in gene therapy.
  • Screening of compound and drug immunological reactions.
  • Autoimmune disease research: analysis of cytokines involved in allergic mechanisms, such as IL-4.

Advantages of ELISpot Assay

  • High sensitivity: detection rate of one in a million positive cells. 200x higher than ELISA and -RT-PCR. Detection at the single-cell level.
  • High throughput detection (96 tests per ELISpot plate): can detect hundreds of samples per day.
  • Less sample required: only a small amount of cells, such as 45 milliliters of blood, is enough to test the reaction to 600 different antigen/peptide substances.
  • Detection of live cell function: the detected cytokines are not pre-existing, but are secreted in response to the added stimuli during the detection process.
  • Intuitive and highly reliable: one positive cell corresponds to one spot, and the number and size of spots represent the number and level of cytokine secretion from the cells.

ELISpot Assay Turnaround Time

2-3 working days

Sample Requirements of ELISpot Assay

Acceptable sample types for the assay include serum, plasma, urine, pleural/peritoneal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatants, etc.

Deliverables of ELISpot Assay

Provide spot images, positive/negative detection results, comparison of immune response strength and cytokine secretion levels, and other result analysis data.

* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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