Human Growth Factor Panel Service


Growth factors are active proteins or peptides that are present in living organisms and have a wide range of regulatory effects on growth and development. There are many types of growth factors, including platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), osteosarcoma-derived growth factor (ODGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), transforming growth factor (TGF-oL and TGFl3), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), nerve growth factor (NGF), interleukin-like growth factors (IL-l, IL-ll, IL-lll, etc.), erythropoietin (EPO), colony-stimulating factor (CSF), etc. They can bind to cell membrane-specific receptors and have the effect of regulating cell growth and development. In addition, they exert important regulatory effects on human immunity, hematopoietic regulation, tumorigenesis, inflammation and infection, wound healing, angiogenesis, cell differentiation, apoptosis, morphogenesis, and embryogenesis.

Growth factors are produced in different cells and then bound to the corresponding receptors in the target cell membrane or intracellularly by autocrine or paracrine or even endocrine means. After binding to the receptor, growth factors activate the intracellular signaling system and thus mediate the associated biological utility of promotion or inhibition.

In addition to its role as a cell culture reagent in areas such as cell biology, growth factor has been used in the ranks of clinical therapies. Because it is produced in normal cells, it has neither drug toxicity nor associated immune responses, making it a suitable agent for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and wound healing.

Creative Proteomics offers the Luminex Human Growth Factor 11-plex Panel for quantifying human growth factors in serum, plasma, tissue culture supernatants and cultured cells to meet your diverse needs. We base on Luminex xMAP technology to achieve ideal speed and sensitivity for simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes, significantly increasing productivity and saving valuable sample volumes.

Detection Method

Magnetic bead-based Luminex multiplex assay



Analytes Detected

SpeciesSpecificationProtein TargetsPrice
HumanHuman Growth Factor 11-plex PanelBDNF, BNGF, EGF, FGF-2(FGFbasic), HGF, LIF, PDGF-BB, PIGF, SCF, VEGF-A, VEGF-D+Inquiry

Service Features

  • 96-well plate design for batch detection of multiplexed factors up to 80 samples
  • High sensitivity, as low as pg/mL
  • Multi-factor assays performed with 50 μL liquid sample and 200 μg total protein
  • Suitable for serum/plasma, culture supernatants, cells, tissue lysates
  • Maximized information in a single sample and cross-analysis allowed between analytes
  • Run your assay in just 3-5 hours
  • Mass-calibrated standards for consistent results with every new lot of material

Service Features

Suggested Application

  • Multiplexed protein assays
  • Relative protein expression assays
  • Detection of cytokine expression patterns
  • Biomarker screening
  • Identification of key factors
  • Confirmation of biological processes
* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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