Human Diabetes Cytokine Panel Service


Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia. Insulin deficiency and/or insulin resistance in the body can lead to a chronic increase in blood glucose, which in turn leads to severe damage and dysfunction of the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerves and other organs.

Type I diabetes (T1D) is a T cell-mediated inflammatory autoimmune disease characterized by specific damage to pancreatic beta cells. Macrophages, lymphocytes and other cytokines produced by infiltrating pancreatic islets, such as IL-1β, TNF α and interferon α, and interferon γ tumor necrosis factor IL-2, regulate the activation and population ratio of T cells through defective apoptosis/necrosis of pancreatic β cells and insulin secretion, as well as modulate the immune recognition and killing of β cells by T cells. Some cytokines such as fibroblast factor and adipocytokine are associated with diabetes. Dysfunction of adipocytes may affect the development of diabetes mellitus. Adipose tissue is not only a tissue for storing fat and regulating lipid metabolism, but also the largest immune function organ, and adipocytes may influence immune function by secreting cytokines.

Creative Proteomics offers a Human Diabetes 15 plex/25 plex Panel based on Luminex xMAP technology, which allows simultaneous quantification of cytokines, proteins associated with diabetic disease and provides higher sensitivity and wider detection range.

Detection Method

Magnetic bead-based Luminex multiplex assay



Analytes Detected

SpeciesSpecificationProtein TargetsPrice
HumanHuman Diabetes Cytokine 4-plex PanelC-Peptode, GLP-1(active), GLP-1, Insulin, Leptin+Inquiry
HumanHuman Diabetes Cytokine 9-plex PanelC-peptide, ghrelin, GIP, GLP-1, insulin, leptin, PAI-1 (total), resistin, visfatin+Inquiry

Service Features

  • 96-well plate design for batch detection of multiplexed factors up to 80 samples
  • High sensitivity, as low as pg/mL
  • Multi-factor assays performed with 50 μL liquid sample and 200 μg total protein
  • Suitable for serum/plasma, culture supernatants, cells, tissue lysates
  • Maximized information in a single sample and cross-analysis allowed between analytes
  • Run your assay in just 3-5 hours
  • Mass-calibrated standards for consistent results with every new lot of material

Service Features

Suggested Application

  • Multiplexed protein assays
  • Relative protein expression assays
  • Detection of cytokine expression patterns
  • Biomarker screening
  • Identification of key factors
  • Confirmation of biological processes
* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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