Human Angiogenic Factor Panel Service


Angiogenesis is the process by which pre-existing vessels in the ischemic area due to ischemia and hypoxia form a new vascular network through cell proliferation and outgrowth. The process includes the interaction of multiple factors such as cells, growth factors, extracellular matrix, and biomechanical stimuli. Angiogenic factors include vascular endothelial growth factor, angiopoietin, EGF and TGF-α, and growth factors.

The dynamic balance of angiogenic factors and inhibitors is maintained in vivo. When blood vessel growth is insufficient or excessive, it may underlie the development of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetic ulcers, macular degeneration and cancer.

Angiogenesis is one of the hallmarks of cancer. Angiogenesis plays an important role in tumor growth and metastasis. Tumor cell growth requires neovascularization to supply the necessary nutrients and oxygen. In hypoxic environment, cancer cells and stromal cells (fibroblasts, macrophages) recruited to the tumor express a variety of growth factors through hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF) that activate angiogenic signaling pathways and extracellular matrix remodeling as well as inflammatory responses induced by cytokines, ultimately leading to tumor angiogenesis.

Creative Proteomics offers the Luminex Human Angiogenic Factor 17-plex/20-plex Panel for quantifying human angiogenic factors in serum, plasma, tissue culture supernatants and cultured cells, allowing you to focus on your angiogenesis/vascular studies.

We base on Luminex xMAP technology to achieve ideal speed and sensitivity for simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes, significantly increasing productivity and saving valuable sample volumes.

Detection Method

Magnetic bead-based Luminex multiplex assay



Analytes Detected

SpeciesSpecificationProtein TargetsPrice
HumanHuman Angiogenic Factor 17-plex PanelAngiopoietin-2, BMP-9, EGF, Endoglin, Endothelin-1, FGF-1/FGF- acidic, FGF-2/FGF- basic, Follistatin, G-CSF, HB-EGF, HGF, IL-8/CXCL8, Leptin, PLGF VEGF-A, VEGF-C, VEGF-D+Inquiry
HumanHuman Angiogenic Factor 20-plex PanelAngiostatin/Kringle, Osteopontin (OPN), PDGF-AB/BB, sAXL, SCFR, sEGFR/sHER1/sErbB1, sE-Selectin, sHER2/sEGFR2/sErbB2, sHER3/sEGFR3, sHGFR/sc- Met, sIL-6Ra, sNeuropilin-1 (sNRP-1), sPECAM-1, sTIE-2, suPAR, sVEGFR1/sFlt1, sVEGFR2 /sFIk-1, sVEGFR3/sF1-4, TenascinC (TN-C), Thronmbospondin -2(TSP-2)+Inquiry

Service Features

  • 96-well plate design for batch detection of multiplexed factors up to 80 samples
  • High sensitivity, as low as pg/mL
  • Multi-factor assays performed with 50 μL liquid sample and 200 μg total protein
  • Suitable for serum/plasma, culture supernatants, cells, tissue lysates
  • Maximized information in a single sample and cross-analysis allowed between analytes
  • Run your assay in just 3-5 hours
  • Mass-calibrated standards for consistent results with every new lot of material

Service Features

Suggested Application

  • Multiplexed protein assays
  • Relative protein expression assays
  • Detection of cytokine expression patterns
  • Biomarker screening
  • Identification of key factors
  • Confirmation of biological processes
* For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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